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I had traveled before. But I took my first major and solo trip abroad in 1999. While budgeting my nearly four weeks of travel I found myself choosing food over shelter. Meaning I would suffer a $15 hostel so I could enjoy a $50 meal. I can still fondly (and hungrily) recall some of those gastronomic experiences.

That sojourn was my first step to becoming, exactly what, I'm not sure. A foodie? Foodsnob? Chowhound? I only know that I thoroughly enjoy food. I love to read about it, look at it, shop for, grow, cook and eat it. I thumb through cookbooks to relax & sometimes to fall asleep. It makes me feel good. From Seattle to Syria I've eaten some incredible meals. I enjoyed some of them at the world's finest restaurants, some in family kitchens and others in locations I will be so lucky should I get the chance to revisit (like a Bedouin tent in the Moroccan Sahara - during a sandstorm).

A few months ago, I stumbled across a food blog and thought I had found a new best friend. My husband, knowing my passion for most things edible, suggested I create one. It would be a way to combine my love of food and my longtime interest but little experience in photography.

Thus Viva Epicurea! was born. The Epicurean Life. I live in a wonderful environment for a foodish person; the Thompson Okanagan, located in British Columbia, is one of Canada's major wine and agriculture centres. My foot is always one foot out the door, though. Especially if a hint of food is involved.

I've just arrived home after an eight week road trip with my husband shooting a documentary "Independent America: The Two Lane Search for Mom & Pop." We cruised across the continental U.S. without relying on interstate highways and without patronizing formula chains or retail outlets. You can read about our journey at

Eat & Love Well.